Project Overview

At Designs Dx, we embarked on an ambitious journey with Chance Construction & Design, a new business out of St. Louis, MO, aiming to revolutionize its online presence. The goal was clear from the outset: to build a robust, SEO-optimized website that not only served as the digital cornerstone for their roofing and general contracting services but also as a beacon for growth and expansion in the online realm.

Challenges Met with Innovative Solutions

Starting from zero presented unique challenges. Without an existing online footprint, we had the opportunity to build Chance Construction & Design’s digital presence from the ground up. Our approach was holistic, involving the client at every step to ensure their vision and brand were accurately represented. Through a process characterized by constant communication and feedback, we navigated the complexities of creating a new website, integrating cutting-edge automation for SMS and Email, and launching a comprehensive social media marketing campaign.


Successful Rate

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“Working with Designs Dx was a game-changer for our business. Their dedication to understanding our needs and custom-tailoring solutions has not only elevated our online presence but transformed how we engage with our clients. The new website and marketing strategies have significantly boosted our leads and sales, setting us apart in the industry.”

Stephen Gore

Owner at Chance Construction & Design

The Process

Our strategy was not just about building a website; it was about creating a digital ecosystem. We delved deep into the client’s sales process, identifying opportunities where automation could significantly enhance customer engagement and conversion rates. Our efforts culminated in a state-of-the-art website equipped with:

  • SEO and Google Maps optimization to ensure high visibility

  • Automation tools for effective lead generation and client engagement

  • A dynamic review system to build trust and credibility

  • Strategic social media presence to broaden their audience

Outstanding Results & Client Satisfaction

The outcome was a resounding success. Chance Construction & Design now boasts one of the most advanced websites in their industry, characterized by seamless lead generation, efficient sales processes, and a significant increase in web traffic and client engagement. The website has become a powerful tool for business growth, providing consistent leads and establishing a new standard for professionalism in their services.

Grow your traffic

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Increase conversions

Leverage the power of SMS and Email Automation for Enhanced Customer Engagement

Sales Chart

Project Timeline

From conception to launch, the project spanned 6-8 weeks, a testament to our team’s efficiency and the collaborative spirit between Designs Dx and Chance Construction & Design.

A Partnership for the Future

Our commitment extends beyond project completion. We have established an ongoing partnership with Chance Construction & Design, involving regular reviews of KPIs, social media strategies, and website performance to ensure continuous improvement and success.

Conclusion Looking Forward

At Designs Dx, this project exemplifies our commitment to delivering comprehensive digital solutions that drive growth and innovation. Chance Construction & Design’s journey is just one of many success stories we aim to replicate for businesses looking to dominate the digital landscape.

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Seth Rangel

Marketing Consultant Expert

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